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The 3 Ds of Dynamic Presentations

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The 3 Ds of Dynamic Presentations


tussle over tea

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For the last two weeks, I feel like I have been in a battle.  My agency’s CFO has been in a bitch of a mood and has been raising tension all over the place.  Today, it was about the cost of sweet tea.

Now, you might laugh but I live in South Carolina and around here, sweet tea is like fine champagne.  Really, there is an art to the making, serving and drinking of sweet tea and folks take it rather seriously.

Okay, here’s the short of it.  We held a catered luncheon last week in honor of Social Work month.   The CFO reviewed the invoice and noticed that the caterer was selling us four gallons of sweet tea for $21.  He hit the roof because he felt that was an outrageous sum for water, sugar and tea bags.

It got to be a big chaotic deal even after it was explained to him that caterers charge for preparation and presentation.  His resolution was that from now on he will make the tea himself and bring it which irritated the event planner to no end.  She could not believe that she would have to be subjected to  his homemade tea, presented in mismatched plastic pitchers.

The planner felt insulted that she had been second guessed.  She didn’t appreciate an “amateur” questioning her expenses after she tried to get us a good deal on the overall luncheon costs.  So now I have two pissed off people who have an attitude with each other over $10 worth of tea.

I can’t wait for the weekend.

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