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Difficult Conversations–Part deux

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fall-roadFall is my favorite time of year.  I just love the cooler temps, warmer clothes and the thought that the best holidays are just around the corner.  Fall is my time of renewal, my Happy New Year.  I think it is part of my Midwestern childhood…a new school year starts, new clothes, new classes and sometimes new friends.

As an adult though, it seems that Fall brings new drama to my life.  Just when I thought I would be able to enjoy my season, here it comes.  A long time ago, some wise person told me that people will never behave in the way you want them to at the time you want them to.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found that to be true.

This year, I will not let drama ruin my favorite season, my time for renewal.  I am making that pledge to myself.


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I am a Diva, certainly. Complex, natural woman, writer, entreprenuer, cautious risk taker, therapist, social worker, nurturing mother, ride or die wife, loyal friend.

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