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Letter to My Lost Lover

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Dear Sleep,

I dont know what is happening with us lately. I’ve noticed a change in our relationship. No, no, you’ve changed. I feel like you have been avoiding me. You don’t come around like you used to and I have to spend long nights wondering where you are and when I’ll see you again.

Sleep, you know I love you and I need you in my life! We used to be so close and we had such big dreams together. You even introduced me to your brothers, Nap and Snooze. I grew to love them almost as much as I love you. Then Snore showed up. Although Snore and I didn’t get along very well, I tolerated him since he was your love child. I made it work just for you.

Oh, how can you just leave me here with these bags! Yes, your bags that I carry under my own eyes for you. You are such a tease. You make me think you will come to me but I wait and wait long, dark hours just to have you stand me up. My friends have suggested that I cheat on you with Tylenol PM or even Ambien… but I don’t want to do that. I’ve been your girl for far too long.

Can you tell how much I miss you? Remember when I used to call you my best friend? We had our own sign, remember? I used to take a deep breath and hold my hand over my mouth. We called it “yawning” and everyone knew that meant I was missing you and that you would be along real soon.

Listen, I think we can work this out. I think we can still make it. When I close my eyes, I know you are near and I don’t believe that you want to leave me. So, let’s try it again. Ok? Tell you what. Let’s meet tonight… Let’s meet at our old spot. I will wear something special, maybe those flannel pajamas you used to like so much. I’ve got a new pillow that I know you will love. I’ll even make our favorite drink, hot chamomile with extra milk.

Come on, say you’ll come. I’ll be there in the dark, waiting for you.

Hoping to see you soon,


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I am a Diva, certainly. Complex, natural woman, writer, entreprenuer, cautious risk taker, therapist, social worker, nurturing mother, ride or die wife, loyal friend.

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