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I have been thinking a lot about dreams today. I was listening to a TV show last night and a young woman was on the cusp of realizing her professional dream to become a model. The only thing standing in her way was her own fear and anxiety. She broke down into tears and moaned, “I don’t to see someone else take my dream!”

She was sincere but my “corny radar” went into overdrive. I sneered a bit and turned the channel. A few minutes later, I changed the channel back because I couldn’t stand it. Corny or not, I wanted this sister to have her dream and I wanted to believe
that she could have it. It took me a few moments to realize that I was rooting for her because it seemed that if she could have her dream, then there was hope for me too.


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I am a Diva, certainly. Complex, natural woman, writer, entreprenuer, cautious risk taker, therapist, social worker, nurturing mother, ride or die wife, loyal friend.

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