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Fishing on Good Friday

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Wow! I spent the day on a fishing excursion to a local state park with my son and husband. Not being a nature person, it was a struggle for me to agree to this fishing thing. I have a few issues: I am allergic to outdoors, I am grossed out by bait worms, I am afraid of live jumping fish, etc, etc, you get the picture.

Anyway, I went for it and guess what? Had a grand time. The park was filled with beauty–delicate dogwoods and white flowering Bartlett pear trees. We spotted crane, duck, and geese flying and fishing right alongside us. A light breeze circled us the entire time.

We didn’t catch anything. My son chattered the entire time and kept getting his fishing line caught in nearby tree branches and floating twigs. Still, it was the best fishing trip ever.

Seeing my son so excited over a chance to go fishing with his dad and seeing the hubs relaxed with his line in the water was indescribable.

And for me, a few uninterrupted hours reading a great book: Priceless!!!


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