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Voting just because???

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Last week, a coworker asked me who I was planning to vote for. I told her Barak Obama. She, a white female, said that she had heard some famous African American on television advising other African Americans not to vote for Obama just because he was black.

I asked this coworker who she was supporting and she stated Hilary Clinton. I told her it was a shame that she would waste her vote on Hilary just because Hilary is female. She got offended, of course, and said that she was not voting for Hilary just because she is a woman. She said she was supporting Hilary based on her merit, her record and her stand on issues.

So why would you assume that I am voting for Barak just because he is black, I asked her.

Well, I hope that is not the case, she said before stomping away.

I called after her, I hope the reason you are not voting for him is not just because he is black.


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