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Was it a ghost?

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Lately, I have been fascinated by stories about ghosts and hauntings. Now, I know, black people don’t like ghosts, spirits, shades, whatever it is that is dead and not dead at the same time. But for some reason I have always been fascinated by things that scare me. Not like jumping from a plane in a parachute kind of scary but the kinds of things that can’t be explained.

When I was a kid, like 4 or 5, I remember one night sleeping in my bed. My whole family had gone to bed and it was dark throughout the house. It was cold outside and a little chilly in my bedroom. I decided to duck all the way under the covers, head and all, to warm up the sheets a bit. I crawled to the bottom of the bed rubbing my hands over the cool sheets to “break the ice”. When I turned to crawl back to the head of the bed, someone was firmly holding the covers down so that I couldn’t get out!

I thought that I must have crawled the wrong way and lost my direction. I crawled back to the bottom and touched both sides of my twin bed to make sure I hadn’t tried to get out of one of the sides where my sheets were tucked in. I tried to go to the head of the bed and get out but again the sheets were held down. I panicked a little bit and sort of thrashed around trying to find the way out. The third time I crawled toward the head of the bed, I was able to push my head out with no trouble.

I looked around for my oldest brother, he was always a prankster. I didnt see him and there was no sound of any one moving about. It was pitch black in my room. My brothers’ room was next door to mine but he would have had to make some noise to get out of my room and into his. I remember seeing what seemed to be a shadow moving around in my room and I was scared! I called my brother’s name softly and told him to quit playing. He didn’t answer.

I didn’t sleep well but I finally did fall asleep that night. The next morning, I accused my brother of trying to scare me. He told me I was crazy and that he hadn’t come into my room. I told him what had happened and he said I had probably just gotten lost in my own bed. I told him I thought it was a ghost but he just laughed. After that night, I told my mother that I needed to sleep with a light on in case I had to go the bathroom late at night. A few days later, she put a night light in the hall near my room. I slept better after that.


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